From Out There Somewhere

Fighting Screen Fatigue – Steve’s Hand-Drawn Weekly Worksheet – a nice weekly over planning sheet broken down into AM/PM/Evening

Staying Connected To Meaning In Your Work – what is your why and how do you remind yourself

15 Mental Health Tips for Teachers – good stuff for us all to remember

10 Decluttering Skills Every Parent Needs – some questions and thoughts on mindset when it comes to supporting kids and their stuff

Being With Uncertainty – notice, remind, choose

Staying Focused With A Simple Method – list, order, execute, repeat …

Using Blended Learning Models To Teach Students In-Person and Online Simultaneously – some strategies to think about – could be used for just in-person learning

How To Use Jamboard In The Classroom: 20+ Tips and Ideas

Take Control Of Your Time – time blocking and a reason against the use of lists

10 Ways To Find Stillness In Turbulent Times – some good ones on this list

Aim For What’s Reasonable: Leadership Lessons From Director Jean Renoir – these are good points to remember and reflect upon

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