From Out There Somewhere

Math Anxiety Is Real. Here’s How To Help Your Child Avoid It – 4 good things to think about

Who Is Good At Discovery? – Apple, Netflix, …

Build Your Stacks: Books Exploring Divorce and the Many Ways To Be A Family – if you looking to expand your book selection for middle years school aged kids

A Primer On Algorithms and Bias

What Did I Learn From Anthony McLean? – a summary of a few key points from keynote address to start the year in the West Vancouver school district

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Find Calm – “Have an idea of what you want to do, but be prepared to throw it all out the window at the drop of a hat. One of the best tools you have is observation..”

Universal Design For Learning And Blended Learning: Representation – suggestions on options students get information; instructions/templates on choice boards, adding sound to slides, ..

Hexagonal Thinking: A Colourful Tool For Discussion – like how this could be used with students and a new way for me to think about organizing ideas/concepts; how could this be used with staff?

When Technology Takes Revenge – 4 types of revenge effects

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